Book Sale! (AKA, the “Meet Cobble Publishing’s Newest Author” Post)

I’m finally able to share some really great news with y’all. . .a few weeks ago, I sold my first book Stalemate: A Clockwerk Thriller to Cobble Publishing!  And that’s not all-the good folk at Cobble also purchased two as-yet untitled sequels to Stalemate!

As you might recall from a couple of months ago, I’d been working on getting Stalemate out there by myself, working with a local publisher and investing in the book with my own money. But then, almost on a whim, I responded to an open call on Facebook and submitted the manuscript to Cobble Publishing (they’re still accepting submissions, btw. Got a manuscript? Just click here and you could be Cobble’s next author.

Now I’m a real even-keeled type of guy; I very rarely lose my cool, and most folks who know me would say I don’t exactly ‘gush’ with emotion. . . but a three-book publishing deal? That right there is exciting, folks. Damned exciting.

So a little about the book: I’ll start off with the book deal announcement. The below is from Publisher’s Lunch Weekly, which is the official newsletter for book publishers.

Thomas Webb’s STALEMATE: a Clockwerk Thriller, a steampunk alternate history set in the time of the American Civil War, to Andrew Cobble at Cobble Publishing, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, for publication in Spring 2018 (World).

Pretty cool so far, right? Here’s a little more about the book:

An elite Union army airship commander, sent on a top-secret mission

One of the Union’s most beautiful (and most deadly) clandestine agents

A politician with aspirations of winning the highest office in the land- no matter the cost

A confederate general with an appetite for power, and a talent for inflicting pain

Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, has been assassinated. With his death, the uneasy truce between North and South threatens to collapse. To find the truth and prevent a return to civil war, President Grant is left with no choice but to send in his best: Colonel Julius Montclair, elite soldier and commanding officer of the Union army airship Vindication.

Montclair quickly discovers the assassination plot did not originate within the Union, and soon uncovers who was really behind Davis’ killing-a shadowy organization with vast resources and a secret agenda. Most frightening of all, Montclair learns the Confederate president’s death was only the tip of the iceberg–a bolder, deadlier plan exists. And it is already in play.

Montclair’s objective is clear-find those conspiring against the Union and stop them. With the help of his oldest friend, two of the Union’s best clandestine agents, and the most powerful and technologically advanced airship in the North’s arsenal, Montclair aims to bring the responsible parties to justice.  But will the help of his allies and his airship be enough? As Montclair and the men and women of his crew race against time to foil the enemy’s plans, his mission culminates with a deadly encounter–one in which Montclair will face off against the greatest adversary he has ever known.

And here’s a little more more about Stalemate (last one-I promise). I like to describe this book as:

Vince Flynn


meets Jules Verne


with just a dash of Assassin’s Creed


Sound like something you might like to read? If so, you’re going to be in luck here pretty shortly (like, within the next month or so). Check back here (and at my author Facebook page) for details.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned!