So the Christmas ‘rush’ is now over. As I write this, I’m wrapping up another great holiday spent with my family. I’ve always loved this time of year-the cheer, the spirit of giving, the food (!), the intangible, indescribable, spirit-of-Christmas-infused atmosphere. People just seem to be better, somehow, at Christmas.

But I realize that not everyone feels this way. This time of year can be tough for some. If you’re one of these people, and you find yourself overwhelmed (or even hurting) this time of year, please reach out to someone. A friend, a loved one, hell-even me, via email, at this website. I’m happy to lend an ear to listen, or even refer you to some great resources if needed; the amazing Crisis Text Line (where I’ve volunteered) being one I can personally vouch for.

My day job is in banking, and around this time of year folks in that industry usually take some time off.  So I’ve had a few days away from the office, during which I’ve been able to think about lots of things. Those who may be in need of help around this time of year have been forefront in my mind (hence the last paragraph), but I’ve also had time to lift and to run, and to read (the awesome Jay Kristoff’s Stormdancer: The Lotus War Book One right now). I’ve been able to clear my head, and yes-(of course) to write. A shit-ton of writing, actually. I‘ve really been working hard to turn out some serious literary product (I have some very exciting news to share on that front-stay tuned for more to come in a later post!)

This time off has been wonderful. In that spirit, I hope you, too, have been able to find some time to spend with yourselves and your families (blood, chosen, or otherwise) this holiday season. And That goes for whether you celebrate any particular holiday or not.

So to everyone: Merry/Happy Chrstma-Hannu-Kwanza-kuh, y’all. For this holiday season, I’m wishing you peace, blessings, good fortune, and the very best of everything.