New Short Story – “Sounds Familiar”

Hey y’all –

Just got my short story published over at Very exciting stuff!

Now if this is the first piece of work of mine you’re reading, then I should warn you about a couple of things. #1 is that this story is PG-13 (maybe leaning toward ‘R’). Most of my work is, but you’ve gotta know that going in. #2 is that this story (entitled “Sounds Familiar”) is a bit of a departure from the type of stuff I usually write. Normally I like to craft a nice thriller (think Clive Cussler or Brad Thor) with a strong sci-fi or paranormal slant. But for this one I got an idea that didn’t fit into my normal comfort zone and just went with it. Plus I was feeling kind of Halloween-y.

And anyways, like I say in the interview immediately following the short story (which you should, after you check out my short story, totally stick around Drunken Pen to read), when you’re gifted with a story idea you simply must follow it the entire way down the rabbit hole. . . no matter how far it ends up going.

So click here to enjoy my story (and the interview after), and put something in the comments section telling my buddy Caleb that Thomas Webb sent you.

Thanks everyone.