Stalemate: Clockwerk Thriller - Book One

Colonel Julius Montclair, elite soldier and the youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, has been humbled by war. He’s venerated for his bravery at the Battle of the Potomac, but he will carry the scars of that victory for the rest of his life. The loss of those under his command continues to haunt him. . . Montclair wants nothing more than to simply do his job, and is more than ready to lay down the mantle of “hero.” That is, until President Grant himself summons Montclair to Washington.

Montclair is tasked with a deadly mission: lead his troops on a clandestine insertion behind enemy lines to uncover a plot that may destroy the Union. But he won’t be able to do it alone; he’ll need the help of the most dangerous and least trusted weapons in the Union’s formidable arsenal-the spymasters of Strategic Intelligence.

Scarlet, a gorgeous young Strategic Intelligence agent and trained assassin, has the lethal skills and gritty determination required to protect her country. But can she gain the trust of Colonel Montclair and his men? Only by working together can they uncover the Confederacy’s plot, and stop a dark aether-fueled weapon of mass destruction from erasing the Union-and themselves-from history.


Precipice: Clockwerk Thriller - Book Two

Colonel Julius Montclair, hero of the Battle of the Potomac and the Savior of Washington. The youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, a man burdened by his own fame. Only he has the experience and skill to go behind enemy lines on one more deadly mission. Only this time, he’ll be forced to confront the ghosts of his past. Ghosts that still have the power to kill.

Scarlet, the fiery-haired assassin, must confront the rot within the ranks of the Department of Strategic Intelligence. She and her minder have a plan to go into the belly of the beast and deliver justice to a traitor, one of their own, but they’re not the only ones steeped in decades of intrigue. Can they defeat a man who knows every move they will make?

Abe, fresh out of Indoctrination and earning the moniker The Bookkeeper, is saddled with a minder who is a drunk at best, a traitor at worst. He’ll have to figure out a way to work with the man and keep them both alive long enough to pull off a dangerous mission.